Cloud Enablement

Creating a Cloud Environment that is Highly Effective for Modern Businesses

The cloud has democratized computing by enabling it to set up enterprise-class services for individuals and small businesses. Cloud computing provides internet access to data and applications from any location and significantly reduces IT infrastructure costs.

Our hyper-focused cloud consulting services help to accelerate digital transformation by providing:

  • Cloud Vision : We assess your current application and infrastructure portfolio’s cloud maturity and readiness and align it with your core business objectives to design a viable path to the cloud.
  • Cloud Value Assessment : Using reference architectures and optimal technology standard prerequisites, we calculate the costs and business benefits of the various stages of your cloud journey.
  • Cloud Roadmap : We select appropriate technology (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) and plot your path to the desired end-state.
  • Cloud Migration : Our virtually risk-free cloud migration offerings help clients achieve their goals faster. We align cloud ambitions with seamless, result-oriented digital transformations by utilizing a suite of approaches, tools, and accelerators that have been successfully applied in the industry.

Included in our cloud migration services are:

  • Moving Infrastructure
  • Data Transfer
  • Platform Switching
  • Migration of Applications

Moving IT infrastructure assets from on-premises to the cloud can increase business agility and lower operating costs. Use a precise, predictable, and quick route for complex migration requirements.

  • Cloud-Enabled Apps
  • Refactoring of apps

Businesses must consider how their current software will function in the cloud after moving their IT infrastructure and applications there. Software refactoring for the cloud essentially entails making your applications cloud-ready to ensure a smooth migration.

  • Refactoring Apps: Why

Refactoring allows for the quick deployment of new IT functionalities in addition to:

  • Portability of the Current Codebase’s Code
  • Use of Cloud-native Features to Its Fullest
  • Maximized Cloud operational efficiency
  • DevOps and containerization for continuous innovation

How We Work

At AH Infotech, we thoroughly examine your infrastructure, application workload, and digital ecosystem before providing pertinent, all-inclusive code refactoring services like:

  • Application Re-hosting
  • Business Integration
  • Reengineering applications
  • Re-platforming and Application Refactoring