Testing Services/Automation

We are high achievers who ensure that your product works flawlessly and improves your customers’ lives. We assist in the definition of quality goals, then thoroughly examine each one and define a set of steps to take to improve the quality of your software so that it meets its performance requirements.

We have established robust testing mechanisms and practices tailored to your business goals by leveraging our expertise in various industries.

Testing/Automation Services We Offer:

  • Functional Testing : Functional Testing is a type of Testing that seeks to determine whether each application feature functions following the software requirements. Each part is compared to the corresponding need to see if its output matches the end user’s expectations. Functional Testing is primarily concerned with black box testing and is unconcerned with the application’s source code. This Testing examines the Application Under Test’s User Interface, APIs, Database, Security, Client/Server communication, and other features. Testing can be performed manually or automatically.
  • Interface Testing : Interface Testing determines whether systems or components correctly pass data and control to one another. Its purpose is to ensure that all interactions between these modules are working properly and that errors are handled correctly. Any development team interested in improving workflow and shortening release cycles should consider automated UI tests. Although manual Testing will always be used in development, automated Testing ensures a higher quality minimum baseline.
  • DB Testing : Database testing is software testing that examines the database’s schema, tables, triggers, and so on. It also verifies the accuracy and consistency of the data. Database testing is essential in software testing because it ensures that the data values and information received and stored in the database are correct. Database testing aids in the prevention of data loss, the recovery of aborted transaction data, and the prevention of unauthorized access to information. Because databases are essential for any software application, database testers must be well-versed in SQL.
  • Automation services: Test automation can help you overcome the challenges of rapid development cycles and the need to respond to increasing customer demands while maintaining quality. Our automated testing approaches can help your company by ensuring precision through immediate, seamless test suites.We at AH Infotech aim to make your lives easier with our swift methods and years of experience.